Full Mouth Reconstuction

A full mouth reconstruction may be required when you have many broken, worn or missing teeth. In some circumstances patients find themselves with no teeth, or a set of failing teeth. This will often require every tooth to be restored with a variety of different restorative dental techniques.

At Courthouse Dental & Implants in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, it’s possible to completely restore your smile. The gold standard treatment for replacing several or all missing teeth is to use dental implant treatment. Our implant dentists follow a specific protocol to determine whether the method of full arch reconstruction would be suitable for you.

X-rays and the Cone Beam CT Scanner, also known as the CBCT, which produces a fast, hi-res, accurate visual image of your teeth and jaw in 3-D, are used in planning and designing bespoke treatment plans.

What are the stages of Implants fitting?

The key to a successful full mouth reconstruction is thorough planning, something we guarantee for all our patients.


A thorough examination of the teeth, gums, supporting bone, muscles and jaw joint/ TMJ is essential. A medical history is also taken. The latest technology helps us identify and explain what dentistry is required for your full mouth reconstruction and why and we’ll discuss this with you throughout the process.

Computer Aided Smile Design

It’s vital your full mouth reconstruction not only functions perfectly but looks good. The latest in computer aided smile design technology allows us to discuss and show you the aesthetic outcome before we start.


On the day of implant surgery you will usually be fitted with an excellent set of provisional teeth /crowns, placed on the same day as your implants, with which to smile and chew food.

The final long-term replacement teeth, or bridges, that will replace your temporary bridges placed during surgery, are fitted about four to six months later. This aspect takes careful planning. Through consultation with you we find out your needs and expectations for your final teeth, and use the expertise of our restorative experts to achieve the ideal outcome.

Teeth in a Day – All-on-4

In some instances it is possible to remove teeth and place implants immediately into the extraction socket (an ‘instant implant’). These include All-on-4 dental implants, also known as Teeth in a Day and Same Day Smiles. With the All-on-4 system four titanium dental implants are used as a foundation for a full arch of teeth. It is called “All-on-4” because only four implants are needed due to the unique positioning of the dental implants. New teeth such as dentures or bridges can then be attached to the dental implants, with treatment often complete in a single day. See our Teeth-in-a-Day page for more information.

Booking a Dental Implant Consultation

You need not suffer with missing teeth or loose dentures any more.

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